Semkon Food Pack is a supplier and exporter of disposable and biodegradable & compostabel food packaging products. Semkon is providing service to its customers with useful solutions in food packaging sectors.

With the wide product range for biodegradable food packaging, we support our customers in their business with eco-friendly and functional solutions. The %100 biodegradable and compostable products constitute a high quality alternative to plastic packaging. With the environmental responsibility, biodegradable products offer strong usability and also a huge step to overcome the global plastic waste problem.

Semkon Food Pack offers practical solutions in food packaging sector with the innovativeness and customer focused approach in product supply.

The Company have been continuously expanding its export market and strengthening the position in the sector thanks to its regular improvements in service and product quality.

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Semkon is focused on improving its position as a reliable supplier for the partner companies in the sector. We have been spending our efforts to provide the most useful and helpful solution to keep the support for our customers’ business.

In the light of the main principles quality, reliability and stability, Semkon is able to provide a high level and sustainable service to its customers with the approach considering the sectoral needs and innovations.